Select Publications

                                    Online Journals

​"At Capital Reef National Park, Utah," The Cortland Review, Issue 86, 2020. 

"Guernica Mother" and "The Fig Leaf,Diode, Volume 13, Number 3, 2020

"The Apple" and "Riptide," LEON Literary Review, Summer 2020


"Dead Horse Point," ​American Literary Review, Spring 2020


"Many things I am not,Atticus Review, February 26, 2020

"The Snake,Painted Bride Quarterly, August 19, 2019

"Curator's Notes,Flyway, May 2019

"Dream: At the Beach," Oregon Poetry Association, Fall 2018, Winner - Poet's Choice Award


"Lore,Up the Staircase Quarterly, Issue 41, 2018

"We peered into the shadow," Summerset Review, Summer 2018

"On My Mind," Yemassee Journal, December 25 Feature, 2017 


"Photograph with Mom" and "Sublime,Journal of Creative Arts
and Minds,
October 2018

"A Woman in the A&P Asks Me Where I Got My Baby," Vinyl Poetry & Prose:
July 2, 2017 

"Indian Creek," Philadelphia Stories, March 2011

                           Print Journals


"Moon," The Journal, Winter 2020


"Futility," Cream City Review, Spring/Summer 2019


"Shore Liturgy, North American Review, Summer 2019

"On My Mind," Yemassee - 25th Anniversary Issue, Spring 2018


"Admission," Poet Lore, Fall/Winter 2019

"When my husband says something about desire" and "Elegy to My Stepmother," Harpur Palate, Summer/Fall 2019

"Physical Exam" and "Black Bubbles", Michigan Quarterly Review, Fall 2018​

"My Mother Was Water" and "Bleeding into the Garden," Zone 3Fall 2018


"Empathy," WomenArts Quarterly, 2014

"Segundo," Paterson Literary Review, 2012-2013

"Ventnor Pier," Stillwater Review, 2012

                                  Print Anthologies

"Aubade for My Husband," A Constellation of Kisses 

"Day of Gravestone Unveiling," Paulinskill Poetry Project - Voices from Here II:   (first published in Stillwater Review

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